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Impress and Intimidate Your Friends, Family and Boss!

…impress them by using this scary word in a sentence:  The word is “teleology.” Teleology is the notion that shit doesn’t just happen.  Everything supposedly happens because it serves some other creature’s cunning purpose. This other creature might be a … Continue reading

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Lies Your Rulers Tell You

People who wish to keep you in a state of subservience frequently tell lies using sentences that do not refer to real people. Instead, they hope to trick you by referring to concepts. Here are some examples of concepts: Us. … Continue reading

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A Long Story in Ten Words

There’s a lot to notice and think about here. It’s 1908 and someone in Oxford, England thinks it worth the high cost to send a cryptic message to Connecticut using the fastest and most expensive mode of communication available.   This … Continue reading

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Parasites Celebrating Themselves

Apparently this has been “Public Service Recognition Week,” a celebration for amoral, incompetent, self-congratulatory parasites who prey on productive people by “working” in government make-work jobs. Saturday Night Live lampooned these parasites in a skit that would be funnier to … Continue reading

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