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Interesting stuff people did to other people

Dependent’s Day Fireworks

“I want to have within my own hands the choice of my leaders…” – From “My Day” by Eleanor Roosevelt,  July 4, 1940 Yes, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?   Too bad the residents of the United States do … Continue reading

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A Long Story in Ten Words

There’s a lot to notice and think about here. It’s 1908 and someone in Oxford, England thinks it worth the high cost to send a cryptic message to Connecticut using the fastest and most expensive mode of communication available.   This … Continue reading

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Zulu Justice

My daughter told me a story today about a Zulu “emperor” named Shaka.  If I understood the story correctly, his community contained people who claimed to be able to detect witches.  To test them, Shaka smeared his own wall with … Continue reading

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