Dependent’s Day Fireworks

“I want to have within my own hands the choice of my leaders…”
From “My Day” by Eleanor Roosevelt,  July 4, 1940

Yes, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?   Too bad the residents of the United States do not have it.

Instead, we are forced (at gunpoint) to live under the thumbs of leaders chosen by a minority of our neighbors (i.e., generally, a plurality of the people who vote).

I voted faithfully for many years. I usually cast a write-in vote for “Nobody.”   My votes were never tallied or reported and my candidate never won. I have therefore stopped this futile act of voting.

And who can blame me?  What slave, given an opportunity to vote for his next master, will not vote for “No Master at All”? And who will cast contemptuous eyes on such a man, except those who wish to continue exploiting him,  or the Uncle Toms among his neighbors?

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