Lies Your Rulers Tell You

People who wish to keep you in a state of subservience frequently tell lies using sentences that do not refer to real people. Instead, they hope to trick you by referring to concepts. Here are some examples of concepts:

Us. Them. We. The State. The People. Our Children. Voters. Society. Government. Public.

Concepts (i.e., conceptualizations) are not real entities. They cannot be seen, touched or felt.   They are make-believe. They do not exist in the real world. They exist only in the mind. Therefore, they cannot act or be acted upon. But liars pretend they can.

Here are some typical lies told using concepts, together with true statements that avoid the use of such concepts.

The poetic lie: “The U.S. has government of the People, by the People, and for the People.”
The truth: Individuals with guns will murder you if you refuse to pay taxes to them and/or their masters. You are are a slave. You will do whatever your rulers command you to do or you will be killed, or locked in a cage.

The poetic lie: “Soldiers fight bravely to protect our freedoms.”
The truth: A soldier is a hired hit-man who will kill virtually anyone his master orders him to kill. He will do this because he is afraid of the consequences of failing to carry out his master’s orders. It is only when he refuses to obey his master that he can properly be called “brave.”

The poetic lie: “We are one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”
The truth: Heavily armed, immoral individuals conspire together daily to control you and seize portions of your property for their own benefit. They control you by issuing commandments they call “laws” and “regulations.” They are perfectly willing to murder you if you disobey these commandments. They desire maximum liberty for themselves but have no intention of allowing you to enjoy any liberty at all, except to the extent it makes you more productive and easier to control.

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2 Responses to Lies Your Rulers Tell You

  1. “I’m just a guy who happens to care deeply about justice.”

    But justice is a concept! You can’t see, touch, or feel it — so you care deeply about make-believe things, by your own logic.

    • bestquest says:

      Great comment, Nick! I think you are quite right to be suspicious about any statements I make about abstract comments such as “justice.” Liars (and I might be one of them) frequently toss around such comments in order to arouse automatic emotional responses in their listeners.

      On the other hand, not all sentences constructed using concepts are necessarily lies. The number “three” is an abstract (make-believe?) concept, but “three times three equals nine” seems like an accurate statement to me.

      I will be delighted if you consider all of my statements, especially those that use concepts like “justice”, to be hypocritical self-serving lies (or delusions) until such time as you have considered them critically and have become persuaded that they are accurate.

      I think the world would be a much more civilized place if everyone did that.

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