Eating the Way Lobbyists Want You to Eat

Whenever I spot a fat person, here are some of the things I do NOT think:

  • That person eats way too much.
  • That person needs to exercise.
  • That person has no self control.
  • That person is lazy.

Here’s what I do think:

  • There goes another victim of the government’s organized insulin poisoning program.

Like me, you have probably believed (hopefully in the far distant past) that it is healthy to eat according to the guidelines encapsulated in the USDA’s Food Pyramid.

If you eat like this you are probably fat or under age 30.   If not, then it’s likely you frequently starve yourself miserably.

The food pyramid is not based on science.  It is based on politics.   The USDA is not a scientific organization, it is a political organization.  If you are eating the way self-interested, money-motivated farm lobbyists, congressmen and bureaucrats want you to eat, you are being successfully hoodwinked by professional liars.

Discussion Question:  What do you think would happen if legitimate scientists persuaded USDA bureaucrats to publish a Pyramid showing that grain products (cereal, bread, crackers, cakes, etc.) should be avoided at all costs because they cause obesity and diabetes, that fruits should be limited to a small fraction of one’s diet, and that fruit juices and skim milk should never be consumed?

Here’s my answer:  The USDA bureaucrats would immediately receive a swarm of calls from violently angry farm-state congressmen.  They would be reprimanded and threatened.  And they would withdraw the new Pyramid before the sun set.

If this is similar to your answer, then you MUST IGNORE THE POLITICAL FOOD PYRAMID and do your own research about nutrition.

And here is an excellent place to start:

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