Parasites Celebrating Themselves

Apparently this has been “Public Service Recognition Week,” a celebration for amoral, incompetent, self-congratulatory parasites who prey on productive people by “working” in government make-work jobs.

Saturday Night Live lampooned these parasites in a skit that would be funnier to me if it didn’t seem so sadly accurate.

Here’s some career advice:  Do not take a  job in a government bureaucracy, ever – not even temporarily.  It will be a permanent stain on your “work” history.   If you are employed in the bowels of a government agency for five years or more, you risk being viewed as unemployable anywhere within the legitimate, non-criminal, voluntary economy.   It will generally be assumed that you have absorbed the anti-customer, “me-first” entitlement mentality shared by virtually all bureaucratic parasites and you will be shunned.

If you hope to retain any self-respect and to live a fulfilling, productive life, accepting a position on a government payroll is not worth the risk.

Think about it.  How many people can you name who have wallowed in the pestilential mudscape of a government bureaucracy for at least five years and who were then able to pursue a successful career in a legitimate job?    Please post their stories, if you can come up with any examples.

Otherwise, keep your reputation pure.  Don’t accept a position as a paid parasite!

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