My Quest

I enjoy myself best when I’m improving in some way.  You know that book, The Seven Habits?  The seventh habit, which is “sharpen the saw”, is my favorite habit, by far.   The other six habits?  Well, I need to improve in some of those areas.  Luckily, Improvement-R-Us!

My quest is to improve by some measure every day. I’m aiming for any and all types of improvement: knowledge, skill, wisdom, human relations, health, etc.

Sometimes I like to be aggressively strange, to experiment with unconventional theories, to see how it works out. I see a lot of failures around me and I reason that these people might be basing their lives on incorrect advice and delusional theories that are commonly called “common sense” or “conventional wisdom.”

Maybe you can learn something from my failures and my successes (if there are any).  Maybe you will be entertained by the weird things I do and/or appalled by my opinions.

When I’m wrong I hope you will leave a well-reasoned comment to correct me, or perhaps ask me a pointed question that might challenge me to reconsider my assumptions, facts or logic.

And please let me know where you blog so I can return the favor.

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